Digital Citizen Project

A total of 47 programming workshops were held within the Digital Citizen project (22nd April – 19th June 2019), realized by the Public Library Radislav Nikcevic  in Jagodina, where a total of  799 students were educated, 586 of whom were from primary schools.

Public Library in Jagodina has realized workshops at libraries and schools in cooperation with primary and high schools in the City of Jagodina and the Municipality of Cuprija. The aim was IT education and improvement of children’s and youth’s digital competence, as well as mastering the basics of programming using micro bit computers and BOSON electronic sets.

In the City of Jagodina the workshops were held at the Public Library in Jagodina and at village libraries, as well as primary and secondary schools.

In the Mucipality of Cuprija the workshops were held at the Public Library Dusan Matic for students of primary and high schools.

Within the project, the librarians employed at libraries which participated in the project realization were educated. Within the workshops held, the librarians were trained to use the donated technical equipment which contains micro bit computers and BOSON electronic sets, as well as capacitated to educate users.

The Digital Citizen project has been realized with the financial support of the Google Company. The main coordinator of the project is IRIM (Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity) from Zagreb in cooperation with the local partner for Serbia, the B92 Fund and their project Battle for Knowledge.

The project is regionally oriented – 170 public libraries from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have participated in it. The Public Library in Jagodina is one of the 20 awarded public libraries from Serbia which took part in this project.

The project has been realized in three stages. The first and the second one which include the education of librarians and users are finished. After these two stages, all of the interested libraries could apply for the realization of the final stage. After the assessment of the achieved results of the previous stages, the five most successful libraries were awarded 3D printers. One of the five awarded libraries from Serbia is the Public Library in Jagodina.

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